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Solutions for Brokers

Our Transportation Management Software solution for freight brokers offers a user-friendly digital brokerage system accelerates growth and empowers people in all corners of your network.

Freight broker on the phone in a casual office setting with TMS modules juxtaposed around the image

Personalized Routing

Streamline operations, optimize routes, and automate manual tasks, leading to increased efficiency in managing your transportation processes.

LTL Capabilities

By optimization, consolidating shipments, and reducing empty miles, a TMS can help reduce transportation costs and that means more money in your pocket.

Configured Team

Real-time tracking and visibility of shipments and routes, allowing businesses to monitor and manage their cargo effectively. Control in every aspect of your business.

Become a competitive Modern Freight Broker

Tools to help you get ahead

Customer driven ordering system

Effortlessly generate orders and seamlessly transmit them to your TMS in an instant, eliminating the need for any manual data input from your team.

Sync documents for everyone

Receive order documents such as rate confirmations, proof of deliveries (PODs), and invoices in real-time as they are uploaded into your TMS, enabling you to process payments as quickly as possible. Sync and organize all related documents to ensure every party has access to their data.


Generate estimates the smart way

Construct tariffs and parameters that offer your customers the convenience of selecting from a pre-set list of options, or our system can automate a smart quote using historical data specifically tailored to their order.

Instant and live communication

Engage with your customers and team within the context of their order through our messaging app integrations and live chatting feature, ensuring that every interaction is documented to prevent any gaps in communication.

Accessibility for all

Functionality at your fingertips

Designed for flexibility and convenience. Accessible on any device: desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Its portability enables users to access full functionality whether they’re in the office or on the go.

Quoting Engine

Equip your team with a user-friendly application that immediately simplifies their tasks. It draws data from your history, generating accurate quotes with a single click. The quoting engine is designed to boost efficiency like never before. Best thing is: this functionality is already built-in your TMS, offering advanced features at no extra cost.

Mobile TMS App

Experience the power of our leading TMS portal, designed with the freight broker in mind. Offering our full suite of features: management, dispatch, administration, and accounting all available in mobile form. Effortlessly oversee customer profiles, shipment details, analytics, and streamline your operations—ready whenever you are.

Equipped with everything you need



Order entry

✔ Outside carrier contracting

✔ Carrier search

✔ Order bid tracking

✔ Management reporting

✔ Order filtering and organization

✔ Live chat

✔ Commodity and asset data

✔ Automatic updates


Mileage integration

✔ Document imaging

✔ Dispatch to carriers and partners

✔ Freight Assist module

✔ POD module

✔ Freight tracking

✔ Intermodal module

✔ Fuel tracking and route planning


✔ Quoting and rating

✔ Customer invoicing

Carrier rate history

✔ Carrier receipt invoicing

✔ Staff payroll

✔ Accounting integration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a freight broker TMS?

A freight broker TMS is a software solution that aids in efficiently managing freight brokerage businesses. It simplifies daily tasks, offers visibility into freight movements, and automates load tendering.

How does a TMS improve efficiency for freight brokers?

A freight broker TMS streamlines operations, such as customer account management, planning and decision-making processes, billing and payment management, and financial reports, along with many other features to streamline operations, cut downtime, and overhead costs.

Does a freight broker TMS provide visibility into shipments?

Yes, modern freight broker TMS platforms incorporate embedded visibility solutions. These solutions offer real-time insights into shipments, load statuses, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and current locations across various transportation modes and involved parties. Integrated with an ELD, you can accurately track and trace all your assets,

What are some additional benefits of a freight broker TMS?

In addition to its core functionalities, a freight broker TMS helps reduce supply chain disruptions, automates communications, safeguards sensitive data access, enables price comparison, provides management reporting and analytics tools, simplifies document management, and enhances customer satisfaction with timely performance.

In what ways can a freight broker TMS benefit dispatch?

Our TMS is equipped with map-based and automated dispatch features that offer an intuitive visualized interface for monitoring and managing loads efficiently. Built-in communication tools make relaying information between customers, carriers, and partners instant and secure.