Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Nutech TDG is a mobile application designed to assist truck drivers in safely selecting and delivering dangerous goods transportation while providing them with complete control and safety oversight.

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Safely take control of your fleet and all your cargo

To safely transport dangerous goods, download the Nutech TDG mobile application from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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Experience trucking management software that’s designed to meet your specific needs. Fully customizable and scalable solutions.

Security At The Core

We create solutions with security as our priority, ensuring your data and operations are always safeguarded.

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We engage with our customers to collaborate and enhance new features. Our product constantly adapts to meet the needs of the industry.

The only cargo compliance app

Made for truck drivers

A Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) mobile application can provide significant benefits to truck drivers who transport hazardous materials

Safety and Compliance

TDG regulations can be complex, and it’s essential for truck drivers to adhere to them. A mobile app can provide up-to-date information on regulations, ensuring that drivers are compliant and safe in handling dangerous goods.

Material Classification

The app can help drivers quickly classify the hazardous materials they are transporting, which is essential for proper handling, storage, and emergency response.

Emergency Response

In the event of an accident or incident involving dangerous goods, the app can provide immediate guidance on how to respond. This includes information on containment, evacuation, and communication procedures.

Proper Maintenance

Our software provides drivers with necessary specifications based on the load they are transporting. As a result, maintenance tasks can be effectively tracked and executed.


TDG regulations often require extensive documentation. A mobile app can help drivers generate and manage the necessary paperwork, such as shipping manifests, labels, and safety data sheets.

Digital Dispatch

Pick-up and drop-off has never been easier. Seamlessly integrate TDG with your central TMS and utilize digital documents, Start and end delivery logs, route assistance, and comprehensive trip data.

user-friendly interface

Making compliance easy



An intuitive landing page thoughtfully designed with the driver in mind, providing a clear overview of all your current shipments and loads.


Pickup Shipments

Inserting new orders for pickup is a breeze. Enjoy a smooth and streamlined experience from start to finish, as the app seamlessly leads you from one step to the next.



Maintain a complete record of all past shipments. With a comprehensive data archive you can confidently reference, ensure that your next steps are well-informed and calculated.

Screen image of mobile TDG pick up feature
Mobile screen of TDG history feature showing previous loads and shipments


Displayed in your dashboard are the placards that you need to place on your truck. Ensure constant compliance and keep your valuable assets safe and secure.


Drop Shipments

Marking shipments as complete is as easy as a touch of a button. Integrated with your TMS, every update is instantly synced, so that no change goes unnoticed.


Items & Exceptions

Choose from the complete range of available assets for transport. Enable limitations and exceptions, ensuring that your fleet is compliant.


TDG included

The Transport Dangerous Goods app, along with TMS integration, is included in every standard and enterprise TMS plan.

TDG app

$5 CAD / month

We offer the stand-alone Transport Dangerous Goods app, with upcoming administration features, for just $5 a month.

Streamline the process

Features to empower security

Compliance and Safety

Placard compliance

✔ Real-time notifications and alerts

✔ Hazardous goods catalogue

✔ Material classification data

✔ Exceptions and limitations options

✔ Driver education

✔ Non-compliance reporting

✔ ELD and telematics integration

Management and Monitoring

Delivery dispatch

✔ Pick up and drop off logs

✔ Digital documentation

✔ Comprehensive history and archive

✔ TMS integration

✔ Instant messaging and communication integrations

✔ Equipment and fleet maintenance tracking

✔ Driver profile

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transportation Of Dangerous Goods?

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) is an app created specifically for truck drivers. The main purpose of our software is to ensure regulatory compliance, cargo security, and driver safety. We make sure our users are equipped with all information needed to safely and confidently transport hazardous goods. Seamlessly sync your TDG with your TMS for the most efficient, collaborative, and safe experience.

What compliance features does TDG offer for drivers?

Our platforms enhances compliance monitoring by providing drivers with instructions and information based on their specific routes and cargo. TDG also compiles data related to driver qualifications, vehicle inspections, permits, and certifications. This ensures compliance with regional, provincial, and national regulations while simplifying the management of compliance-related documentation.

How can TDG enhance cargo security?

The Nutech TDG app in conjuction with Nutech TMS and telematics integrations provides real-time tracking and visibility of cargo throughout the supply chain, it also equips drivers with the proper handling and equipment requirements. With this awareness and by monitoring the location and condition of shipments, companies can ensure that cargo is handled securely and mitigate the risk of non-compliance, mishandling, theft or damage.

Can TDG help with regulatory reporting and record-keeping?

Yes! Nutech TDG facilitates regulatory reporting and record-keeping by digitizing and centralizing important documents. All users: drivers, managers, dispatchers, and customers have access to delivery logs and documents. This streamlines documentation processes, ensures accuracy, and simplifies compliance audits.

How does TDG contribute to regulatory compliance in trucking?

Nutech TDG automates compliance checks, manages documentation, and provides alerts for regulatory violations. By integrating compliance functions into a centralized system, it helps transport companies maintain compliance with relevant regulations from regional to national.

How can TDG help improve driver safety?

When Nutech TDG is linked with ELD integrations, it can provide real-time monitoring of driver behavior, including speeding and harsh braking. TDG keeps a comprehensive history of all travel, along with compliance and cargo education. This enables companies to address unsafe driving practices promptly and implement corrective measures to enhance driver safety.

Transport dangerous and hazardous goods the proper way

Ensure complete compliance. Download the Nutech TDG mobile application from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.