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An integrated platform that leverages technology across your supply chains. Nutech TMS empowers shippers to unlock a world of possibilities for your logistics operations.

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Cost savings

Rate management, load consolidation, and route optimization enables shippers to select the most cost-effective carriers and negotiate favourable rates to minimize empty miles, and optimize routes to reduce fuel consumption. Impact the bottom line and improve profitability.

Enhance customer service

Improve visibility and communication throughout the whole process. With real-time tracking and automated notifications, keep customers informed about the status of their shipments, and any potential delays. This transparency helps build trust among customers, leading to stronger relationships and repeat business.

Compliance and risk management

Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements such as carrier certifications, safety standards, and customs documentation. Facilitate risk mitigation strategies by identifying potential bottlenecks, optimizing routes to avoid high-risk areas, and providing data-driven insights for making informed decisions.

Logistics for the modern shipper

Innovative Features

Order processing and tracking

Streamline the order processing and tracking workflow. Enable users to manage orders, and track shipments in real-time. This feature helps improve efficiency, reduces manual errors, and provides visibility into the status of each shipment.

Carrier selection and rate shopping

Compare rates from different carriers, select the most suitable one based on factors like cost, transit time, and service level. With rate management capabilities, shippers can negotiate and manage contracts with carriers, maintain up-to-date rate information, and generate accurate shipping quotes for customers.

shipment tracking

Analytics and reporting

Unparalleled insights into shipping performance. Users can generate reports on key metrics such as delivery time, shipping costs, carrier performance, and customer satisfaction. This data helps identify areas for improvement, optimize shipping processes, and make data-driven decisions.

Freight audit and payments

Helps shippers streamline the complex process of auditing and paying freight invoices. This feature automatically matches invoices to the corresponding shipment data, verifies the accuracy of charges, and identifies any discrepancies or errors. Using this, shippers can reduce manual effort, eliminate billing errors, and ensure accurate payment to carriers.

Convenience and versatility

All in one package

Tailored for flexibility and ease, this platform ensures accessibility across all devices for all roles and responsibilities across your network. Its portable nature empowers any users, whether managers, drivers, or customers, to enjoy full functionality where ever they are.

For your customers

Through our customer facing platforms, shippers empower their clients with transparency, control, and convenience. Customers gain real-time visibility into their shipments. They can access their shipping documents such as invoices, and proof of delivery, all in one centralized location. Submit and manage their orders, obtain quotes, and collaborate with the shipper.

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For your partners and suppliers

Our partner facing platform serves as a centralized hub between shippers and their vendors and suppliers. Streamline collaboration while reducing errors, delays, and miscommunication throughout the supply chain. Partners can submit request, receive real-time updates, and access relevant documents such as bills of lading and shipping instructions. Benefit from stronger partnerships, and improved supply chain efficiency.

Equipped with everything you need



Order entry

✔ Carrier search

✔ Order bid tracking

✔ Management reporting

✔ Order filtering and organization

✔ Live chat

✔ Commodity and asset data

✔ Automatic updates


Mileage integration

✔ Document imaging and storage

✔ Dispatch to drivers and partners

✔ Freight Assist module

✔ POD module

✔ Freight tracking

✔ Intermodal module

✔ Fuel tracking and route planning


✔ Quoting and rating

✔ Customer invoicing

Shipping rate and route history

✔ Delivery receipt invoicing

✔ Staff payroll

✔ Accounting integration

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a TMS benefit my shipping operations?

A TMS is a software solution designed to streamline and optimize transportation operations for shippers. It helps manage tasks such as route planning, carrier selection, load optimization, and shipment tracking, to name a few.

Is training required to use a TMS effectively?

Typically yes, training is used to ensure all staff, partners, and customers can maximize the benefits of a TMS. Nutech TMS offers training programs to onboard users and provide ongoing support. Training helps users understand the system’s features, functionalities, and best practices for efficient utilization. We also provide onboarding and tech support through email and phone.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 470-2966

Are TMS capable of handling international shipments?

Yes, many TMS solutions support international shipments. They can handle tasks such as customs documentation, compliance with international regulations, and managing multiple carriers across different countries. 

Although, at the moment Nutech TMS does not have worldwide coverage. We are actively working on making our product accessible to all users around the world.

Can a TMS help with cost management?

Absolutely! Nutech TMS provides tools and features to optimize freight costs. It can evaluate different carrier rates, compare shipping options, negotiate contracts, and identify opportunities for cost-saving measures such as load consolidation and mode optimization.

Is it possible to integrate TMS with e-commerce platforms?

Yes! Many TMS solutions offer integration capabilities with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. This integration enables seamless order processing, automated shipping label generation, real-time tracking updates, and inventory synchronization between the TMS and the e-commerce platform. Nutech TMS is currently working on refining this scope of our system.